Grey squirrel control – what we do and why

CRST work in partnership Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and other surrounding landowners to control grey squirrel numbers in and around Clocaenog Forest. CRST members/volunteers who carry out this important work have received appropriate training to safely do this.  


CRST’s main aim is to take action to protect red squirrels against the advance of grey squirrels in and around the forest. Control activities mainly occur in areas of the forest where the two species are likely to encounter one another, or in areas which grey squirrels may use as corridors to reach forest locations still inhabited by red squirrels.


These activities are organised in partnership and with agreement of other organisations and individuals where necessary. Grey squirrel control is only carried out to help conserve the red squirrel population in Clocaenog Forest. Control methods are undertaken in an effective and humane way and in compliance with legal requirements and good practice guidance.


We do not 'blame' grey squirrels for the impact they are having on the reds – it was people who brought the species over from America and introduced it into the UK. However, CRST do believe that planned action must be taken to protect our iconic and endangered red squirrels.


CRST recognises the extreme threat posed to red squirrels by the advance of grey squirrels. As a local voluntary group we are committed to playing our part in furthering red squirrel conservation. Our efforts also mirror what is going on in other key focal sites in Wales as well as wider UK strategic approaches to defending red squirrel populations and their habitats.


Nationally, red squirrels are a high conservation priority and CRST volunteers / members want to see Clocaenog Forest restored to its former status as a stronghold for red squirrels in Wales.

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